Wednesday, November 15, 2006

We Have SNOW!!!

Palmquist Farm was blanketed by their first
welcomed snow fall of the season on November 9th.

Overcoming Cancer Through Craftsmanship

Pictured above are Leo and Chris Riley. They are from the Chicago area and have been guests at The Farm for over 30 years. We have watched their children grow up over the years. Leo is a fireman in the Skokie fire department and also an accomplished woodworker. He has made or refinished countless pieces of furniture for their home.

Jim and I always talk about all the dining room chairs on The Farm that need to be fixed and how we should fix them, but of course Jim and I never get around to doing it. But the last time Leo and Chris were here, he was looking for a project to fill some upcoming extra time because he unfortunately would have to go through extensive treatment for cancer and would have a long recovery period. So he took 5 of our chairs that were in the shed patiently waiting to be fixed and put back into use. Leo refinished and fixed them, and they are just beautiful.

His treatment went well, and he is doing much better. When they visited us in October, they took more chairs and will bring them back when they return in January for their winter visit to The Farm. Thank you Leo and Chris!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Buffalo Are Back

We are thrilled to announce that after several months without the buffalo at Palmquist Farm, they are back. The buffalo were transported to another farm for a short time while the Palmquist’s built a fence to separate the bison from all deer to protect both herds within the enclosed deer farm.

Jim Palmquist said, “We are just ecstatic that they are back. Even Otis the farm dog is happy. Everyone at The Farm was there to watch, but, as it says in Gulliver’s travels ‘It was an uneventful journey.’” In other words, the buffalo were transported and unloaded safely.

These bison are ancestors of the ones who stampeded across the west and sustained tribes of Indians. They are remnants left over from a time when the west was still wild.