Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snow Report

6 new inches of fluffy snow!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow Report!

4-5 inches of new snow as of today!

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Tiny House Living on Palmquist Farm

When you visit the Farm this winter, you might meet our two newest employees, Amanda and Ethan. You may also come across their small home behind the sauna, on the lit ski trail.Actually,it’s so small it’s classified as a “tiny house.” Say hi if you get a chance, and take a minute to read their story: 

We got married two years ago on a frozen lake in the Northwoods of Wisconsin with our friends and family sitting on hay bales. 

From the beginning of our relationship we wanted stay as flexible as possible so that we would have time to do the things we love with the people we love. About six months into our marriage we decided to embark on a unique construction project.  We wanted to have a space that was ours and to be free from the costs of renting. Our goal was to remain open to new opportunities that would arise as we started building our life together. We concluded that a house on wheels would be most practical. We started with an 8' wide by 32' long trailer. The living space we build on this trailer is about 256 square feet. Amazingly, this does not feel small to us.

Life in our tiny house is SO COZY! We love the nestled feeling of settling into our little house for the winter. We have a small wood burning stove that warms the house quickly and many windows to let in the sunshine. It is definitely our ideal home. We are able to live simply and have few expenses. 

Our tiny house traveled 65 miles to get to Palmquist Farm. We came to Palmquist Farm as a result of a long-standing relationship between the Palmquists and Ethan's extended family. His aunts, uncles, and cousins have helped at The Farm over many years. We are really able to exercise our talents and interests here.

Jim and Helen keep us busy cutting wood, clearing trails, keeping buildings and equipment maintained, and working in the kitchen. We are so thankful to have a place where we can be useful and, where our needs are equally taken care of. Something we love to do together is create a warm, comfortable environment for lots of friends to gather. That means cooking, playing music and taking genuine interest in other people's lives. We love people and are eager to learn about their experiences and the places they come from. We have plenty of margin to travel and stay connected with our broad network of friends and family, which is a thing many jobs don't provide. Amanda especially enjoys learning about the cultural heritage of people and places such as Palmquist Farm.

We also look forward to learning from the unique perspective that Jim and Helen have, as people that have made it their business to welcome anyone at anytime. Serving and entertaining here will be a fun way to gain a lot of positive experience. We are getting our musical act together and hope for chances to play with anyone who comes to visit. Living and working at Palmquist Farm is the best situation we could ask for in this season of our lives, and we are excited to make the most of it.

Welcome Ethan and Amanda!

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