Monday, July 28, 2008

A Visit from Czech

Greetings from The Farm,

We’ve been enjoying the summer season. I’ve been planting Merry Golds and Geraniums in between catching up with paper work. Ildy, one of our student workers from eastern Europe, is excited about her crop of hot peppers. Jim has been bailing hay and working with the cows, deer, and buffalo. Andy, who drives our team of horses, plowed a field by the road with the team and planted sun flowers. We’ve also hosted a couple reunions and some horse guests.

But the most exciting thing was a visit from a Czech family that worked for us back in the 90’s. We haven’t seen them in many years, so it was a fun reunion. We vacationed with them to Copper Mountain in Colorado. Here is a picture of all of us rafting.

Also, because they have a very successful log building business in Czech, the local newspaper wrote a story about their visit.

Click here to read it.

We hope your summer is going well, and come see us at The Farm.

Helen & Jim Palmquist

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