Friday, October 25, 2013

A word from Helen on Grouse Hunting

If you’ve been to The Farm, you know that Jim handles the outside and I handle the inside. This is really true when it comes to the hunters. I don’t have any idea where to tell them to go hunt and what to do when they shoot something.

Well, this past week we’ve been busy with many hunters. The weather has been a little cold and rainy, but people still seem to be having a good time. Jim wanted to run into town, and I told him that as soon as you get down the road, the hunters are going to come in and want to look at the maps with you to talk about where to hunt next.

“No,” he said. “I’ll be back before then.” And sure enough, he wasn’t gone a half-hour before a few guys came in. So I thought, where should I send them? I had no idea, so I just guessed that maybe there would be some birds out on one of our trails where there are some pines and balsam. Mostly, I picked it because it’s a nice walk so at least they would get to see some scenery. 

Well, wouldn’t you know, they came back in a few hours later and said they flushed five birds. So I guess I knew what I was talking about. Makes me wonder if maybe Jim should try his hand in the kitchen! 

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