Tuesday, August 14, 2007

UN Commission retreat held at the Farm

At the Farm, it is our pleasure to pamper guests. And on July 7, we had the honor of doing so for 15 special Wisconsinites. The Wisconsin Governor’s Commission on the United Nations held its summer meeting/retreat here this year.

The commissioners, representing various student, academic, and civic groups in WI, united in an effort to accomplish three common goals: (1) sponsorship of statewide educational programs about the UN, (2) coordination of Wisconsin’s annual observance of United Nations Day, and (3) expression of and communication about views on issues affecting the UN. Though just recently resurrected by Gov. Jim Doyle, the commission has been in existence since 1959 when Gov. Gaylord Nelson desired to familiarize WI citizens with the UN.

Jim and I thoroughly enjoyed spending a day with the commissioners. And it seems that they enjoyed a day at the Farm as well. Commissioner John Smart of Park Falls, WI wrote:

Helen & Jim --

It's early Monday morning, and I miss my walk around The Farm, greeting the horses, the rabbits and the chickens [oh and you too, Jim!]. I miss sitting in Helen's kitchen with a cup of coffee and talking, while waiting for a terrific breakfast. I'm going to have to come back soon! I've been telling my mother all about it, and now she wants to come and visit you as well.

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. I'm sure that I speak for all of our group when I say that we had a wonderful time at your friendly farm home. You can be sure that each of us is already thinking of how we're going to get back to The Farm! And you can also be sure that we'll tell everyone we know what a great place The Farm is for a conference or meeting.

I hope to see you again soon.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2006 Ice Man Hunt

For the past three years, we’ve hosted an American Crossbow Federation hunt in late November/early December called the Ice Man Hunt. And this last year’s hunt ended up as the subject of a feature story in the Winter 2007 issue of Horizontal Bowhunter.

We really enjoyed Daniel Hendricks’ article and photos and think you might too.

He says of the Farm:

“The accommodations are roomy in “The Farm’s” log lodge, and bountiful, country-style meals are served by the friendly staff of Palmquist Farm in their homey, farmhouse kitchen. A constant flow of locals liven up the fellowship with entertaining yarns of the area from years gone by, making the socializing at Palmquist Farm not only enjoyable, but also unforgettable. The feature that keeps us coming back to “The Farm,” however, is the dense woodland that we spend our days in and all the exceptional whitetail deer it holds. The big bucks are there…”

He says of the hunt:

“It’s a great time to spend with other ACF members discussing crossbow hunting opportunities, meeting new and wonderful people and visiting the very remarkable Palmquist Farm. It’s also a great opportunity for a hunter to take home a nice whitetail buck to adorn your den wall.”