Friday, January 29, 2010

Trail Report January 29th

The Palmquist Farm ski trails are in excellent shape for this weekend. Fortunately, we did not get the rain that some areas received a few days back. We have about 3 inches of powder on top of a very good base. Please call 1-800-519-2558 for current details.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trail Report January 20th

Greetings from The Farm!

We had 33 poeple staying with us over Martin Luther King weekend. The skiing was very good with moderate temperatures and excellent snow conditions. We have about a 6-10 inch base, and all the trails are open with good to very good conditions.

Also we got a poem from a Ukranian fellow that was here with his girlfreind over New Years. This poem is really cute and funny. It is as follows:

Days at the Palmquist Farm

I’ve seen a place where magic dwells, where dreams come true,
Where the Northwoods mystery stretches her tiny arms to you.
Such place for century has been in cheesehead beer state,
Back then and now, you are welcome, never it’s for you too late.

Arrive, shake hands with wise, hardworking Jim and Helen,
They’ll welcome you and say: “Ah, you are a good fellow!”
Homemade you’ll plenty eat and drink, then jump on skis,
With laughter hunt that “Snow Snake” in moments blink.

Upon return, enjoy fresh bakery and hot, delicious cider,
Let flames of fireplace bring warmth to body, joy to heart.
Enrich the other guests with smile, then journey to your cabin,
There silent rest. Sweet dreams…Yes, I do know, it’s the best.

Hearty full breakfast, Jim’s pat on the shoulder, Helen’s smile,
No time to waist, new day is upon us, What might it bring?
Perhaps a sleigh ride to where buffalos and deer dwell,
More skiing? Maybe sledding? I know not, your turn to tell.

I chose all of the above, for outdoors is my true pure love.
When body is exhausted, yet spirit craves another journey,
Take both to sauna, there let warmth massage the weary self,
Yes, jump into snow, Spirit within will surely yell “Whoa!”

My words will not do justice to what experienced must be,
Come, live, enjoy the everyday, the beautiful, be carefree!
Immerse yourself in the tradition’s magic lively charm
Bring family, make friends, begin adventure at the Palmquist Farm!