Friday, June 13, 2014

Finnish Summer Festival and Anniversary

Finn Power! 
   On June 1st, we hosted the annual Central Wisconsin Finnish American Club’s Summer Festival at Palmquist Farm. Helen made the largest pot of beef Mojaaka (Finnish stew) that she’s ever made in her whole entire time cooking at the farm. The pot practically took up two burners. I wish I had a picture, but she was too busy trying to season gallons of soup to get her camera. She also served cold cuts, cheese, homemade Finnish bread, and rhubarb bars for dessert.
  About 55 people attended the festival. There was great music by Finn Power's Rod & June, which was enjoyed by all. June decorated the lodge with cedar boughs tied together with blue and white ribbons. She also made viktas (we have no idea how to spell that) out of cedar for hitting yourself in the Sauna. These cedar branches were part of a display about sauna culture that was put together for the festival. June 1st also happened to be Jim and Helen Palmquist’s 40th wedding anniversary. The band played a special song for the couple as they danced together in front of everything. Happy 40th Jim and Helen!